Djinn Tamer: Starter Scene Read Aloud On Soundbooth Theater Live!

We had a great time this past weekend over here at Djinn Tamer central. It’s always a rush when you’re launching a new book, and this was no exception for us. To see the reactions to the book come in has been immensely gratifying, especially for someone whose stories have never managed to reach a wide audience in the past.

Similarly, it’s also fun to hear your work read aloud. Of course, it’s great to read your own work aloud during the editing process (if you can spare the time), but you don’t always get the opportunity to have someone actually voice out the characters on the spot.

We had the chance to hear that last night during last night’s Soundbooth Theater Live!, a show where voice actor Jeff Hays reads through chapters of stories. In this latest episode, Hays read Chapter 11 of Djinn Tamer: Starter, which sees Jackson trying a bit too hard to train Lyote in hopes of becoming the next big tamer.

Our reading starts around 35:30 into the video.

Big thanks to Soundbooth Theater Live! It was wonderful to hear the chapter read aloud, and it looks like Hays had a good time with it.

You can check out Soundbooth Theater Live!‘s Facebook page HERE.

And, of course, if you haven’t picked up Djinn Tamer: Starter yet…what are you waiting for? PICK IT UP HERE!

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